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The Building Employees Redundancy Trust was established in 1989 to provide redundancy payments and benefits to its members and training grants for employees in Queensland and now also covers the Northern Territory building and construction industry.

In 1996 a new trust, the BERT Fund was established to cater for the new benefits introduced by BERT, including the Welfare Fund.

The BERT Fund has the full support of the major employer associations and employee unions operating in the Queensland building and construction industry. The benefits paid from the Fund help provide members and their families with financial assistance in the event of ceasing employment because of redundancy or relief from financial burdens.

The benefits result from the investment of contributions paid by the employers and the interest earned from the investments of the BERT Fund is used to provide training grants for the industry, pay the benefits associated with the Welfare Fund and to meet the costs of administration of the Fund.

Since the BERT Fund commenced, it has paid out over $815 million in benefits to members to assist workers in their time of need.

Additionally, the Fund has contributed in excess of $86 million for industry training and $95 million for member benefits.

The Fund currently offers the following benefits:

 Dental Benefit

 BERT Training Fund

 Funeral Benefit

 Work Injury Management Service

 Child Care Benefit

 MATES in Construction

 Ambulance Cover

 Counselling / Converge

 Financial Planning

 Travel Insurance