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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you take money out of my BERT account?
No funds are deducted from your BERT account to cover the cost of your training. Your BERT account is only used as a reference to determine the amount of funding we will authorise.

How much of the training costs will you cover?
Generally, we will only fund a percentage of the total cost of the training. The amount we will contribute will depend on a variety of factors, so we encourage you to complete an application form as soon as you know the details about the training you want to undertake. You will then be advised the amount of the subsidy.

Why do I need to identify if I am employed or unemployed?
If you are unemployed you may be eligible for a higher percentage of reimbursement. Proof of unemployment must be provided e.g. Separation Certificate, Statutory Declaration.  

What other costs will you cover?
We may reimburse you for costs other than direct training costs, but excluding costs such as services provided by persons ‘organising’ the training or fees associated with obtaining any licences.  

What costs are not covered?

  • Costs associated with RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) will not be covered. We will only reimburse costs associated with the training component of the course.
  • We will not pay any other related costs such as services provided by persons 'organising' the training.
  • We will not pay costs associated with obtaining the actual license e.g. statutory licence fees.

Who pays for the training?
You must pay for the training up front.

What sort of training will BTF pay for?
We will provide funding for most courses that are related to construction industry work.

Where do I have to do the training?
You can do the training anywhere provided it is delivered by a registered training organisation.