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Portable Sick Leave (PSL)

Portable Sick Leave - PSL

Portable Sick Leave 

The CIPL Portable Sick Leave scheme allows employees that accrue sick leave to bank days that would normally be lost when they leave or change employment.    

  • Bank unused sick leave days on termination
  • Capped to 100 days maximum
  • CIP Termination must be completed online or a form completed by employer
  • Held for 2 years from last contribution
  • Days returned to employer if employee returns to employer within 6 months

PSL and Casual Workers

As casual workers do not accrue sick leave entitlements, there can be no sick leave accrued on their behalf. 

However, permanent employees who become casual employees will not lose their accrued portable sick leave balance.


CIP Termination Forms are available on this website under forms or via the employer online contribution advice. The form must be completed by the employer and submitted to CIP to ensure sick leave entitlements are banked for the workers.

How PSL can Work for You?

Recently a member contacted the CIP Office for assistance with his CIP Claim. The member had exhausted all his sick leave with his employer and was concerned how he would manage financially during the 21 day excess period before his CIP Claim and payments would commence.

Our CIP Staff were able to investigate the members account and working history and located two previous employers that the member had not received his portable sick leave days for. Both employers were contacted and after completing the CIP termination form the days were allocated to the members CIP account. The member was able to use these days in his time of need.

Just another example of how invaluable the portable sick leave scheme is to our members in their time of need!

So remember:

EMPLOYERS: when terminating your members ensure you complete the termination form either online or by printing the form on the website and returning it to the CIP Office.

MEMBERS: after being terminated you can check your PSL Balance by logging into BOBB at anytime.


Please note: Construction Income Protection Limited (CIPL) is the administrator of the Accident and Illness Benefits Program and Portable Sick Leave Scheme. The insurance policy is arranged by Windsor Management Insurance Brokers and distributed by CIPL. CIPL does not manage or process claims. All claims are managed and processed by Total Claims Solutions, who has been appointed as claims manager of QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited. CIPL does not give any advice in relation to the insurance policy.