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Tax Time is Nearing! If you have made a BERT Claim during this financial year 2016/2017 your ETP is available for download. Navigate to the PAYMENTS/CONTRIBUTIONS screen and select the download ETP icon under the BERT Member Payments section

Save time and check online! Anytime - day or night

Check your current balance - review redundancy entitlements, CIP Portable Sick Leave days, employer payments are up to date for BERT, CIP and STQ

Do we have your latest details? Visit BOBB now to check and update your details.

Making a future claim? We have introduced the BERT Benefit Payment Estimate Calculator allowing you to obtain an estimate of how much you could expect to receive from BERT after tax when making a claim.

Jump on BOBB to check it out now and access your BERT/CIP/STQ accounts 24/7.